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Working environment

Renhua Welfare

  • Tip of the tongue

    Monthly meal supplement: Food allowance monthly supplement to eat and use at will

    Late night dining hall: online and offline willfully choose your order to pay for the boss

    Fruit snacks: Fruit and soft music is even better

  • Entertainment welfare

    Fancy group building: All kinds of surprises, all kinds of group building

    Exercise regularly: Take care of your physical and mental health and get moving

    Special gift package: Heartwarming gift package is always available, and employees will have the strength to pet

  • Intimate service

    Transportation subsidies: there are subsidies for buses and subways, and a boss pays for parking

    Travel reimbursement: travel on business without expense invoice reimbursement saves time

  • Renhua exclusive

    There is a god around: excellent students walk around every day to increase IQ

    Say something directly: If the LEADER and your deskmate have something to say, just say it

    Face in and out: In and out with a face

Recruitment position

  • Job title
  • Work place
  • Release time
Job responsibilities:
  1. Mainly responsible for the excavation and follow-up of iot projects such as smart door locks and smart parking in Chengdu and other cities and prefectures in Sichuan;
  2. Collect competitors' information, analyze market trends, and provide the best data for company decision-making;
  3. Complete other tasks assigned by the leader。
Job Requirements:
  1. College degree or above, 25-45 years old, with more than 2 years of sales work experience, marketing or related major is preferred;
  2. Smart door lock sales experience is preferred;
  3. Excellent market analysis and insight ability, with comprehensive and deep marketing knowledge and skills;
  4. Have some knowledge of related industries, have certain planning, judgment, decision-making and execution ability, can adapt to travel in the province。
Job responsibilities:
  1. Responsible for project arrangement, implementation and management;
  2. Coordinate the project activities between the project team and the client within the contract and defined scope;
  3. Hold regular meeting of the project and prepare meeting minutes, and inform the direct supervisor and other personnel involved in the project (business staff, support staff, etc.);
  4. Responsible for urging project team members to fill in relevant information timely, accurately fill in the workload and report on time according to the requirements of project management norms;
  5. Responsible for project outsourcing monitoring and management;
  6. Do a good job of project-related handover work (and the handover of support personnel and post-sale related personnel), and actively deal with various problems encountered in the project implementation process。
Job Requirements:
  1. College degree or above, major in computer, communication, electronics, etc., more than 5 years work experience in system project integration;
  2. More than 3 million system integration project management experience;
  3. Familiar with computer room engineering, integrated wiring, campus card system, security system, audio and video system;
  4. Strong coordination and communication skills, good professional ethics and team work ability, work enthusiasm, dare to challenge and take responsibility, can work under strong pressure;
  5. Information system project engineer, information system project manager, Level 2 or Level 1 construction engineer (electromechanical major), network related certification, motor vehicle driving license is preferred。
Job responsibilities:
  1. Product market research, market demand analysis, user research, industry research, product definition, etc.
  2. Complete product prototype sketch design, write product related requirements documents;
  3. Responsible for communication and coordination of department resources (R & D, sales, operation and maintenance, etc.), complete product launch and update on time and with quality;
Job Requirements:
  1. Bachelor degree or above, 3 years or more experience in mobile Internet product or smartphone APP design, a well-known APP designer is preferred;
  2. Excellent writing skills, strong logical thinking ability, excellent analytical ability;
  3. Familiar with interaction design methods, have a deep understanding of user experience and practical experience;
  4. Have good communication and coordination skills, have a strong sense of responsibility and team spirit。
Job responsibilities:
  1. Responsible for the negotiation of smart campus projects in Chengdu and other cities and prefectures in Sichuan;
  2. Cooperate with operators to expand business;
  3. Assist to maintain the relationship between customers and operators, and regularly report regional situation to leaders;
  4. Collect competitors' information, analyze market trends, and provide first-hand information for company decision-making;
  5. Complete other tasks assigned by the leader;
Job Requirements:
  1. College degree or above, 20-35 years old, with more than 3 years related work experience, marketing, communications, electronics, computer and other related majors preferred;
  2. Sales experience in system integration projects, sales experience in education, communication operators, enterprises and public institutions is preferred;
  3. Have the ability of market analysis, have certain marketing knowledge and skills;
  4. The conditions for those with three major operator resources and education resources in Sichuan can be appropriately relaxed。
Job responsibilities:
  1. Responsible for the procurement of the company, including supplier selection, contract negotiation, procurement follow-up work tracking and implementation;
  2. Responsible for supplier reserve, relationship maintenance, screening and other work;
  3. Responsible for the coordination and cooperation of related departments;
  4. Responsible for the copywriting work of the department;
  5. Responsible for the management of the company's warehouse;
  6. Complete other business tasks assigned by superiors。
Job Requirements:
  1. 2 years or above purchasing experience, familiar with system integration industry and related products in this industry is preferred;
  2. Have strong communication skills, external negotiation skills, have a strong sense of responsibility, adhere to principles, do not seek personal gains, hard work, familiar with the procurement process, have a certain internal and external coordination and communication skills;
  3. Proficient in using various office software。
Job responsibilities:
  1. Cooperate with sales staff to communicate project details with customers, dig, identify, guide customer needs and answer customer questions;
  2. Responsible for the completion of project technical support requirements。Including but not limited to customer demand analysis, technical plan preparation, explanation and user questions and answers, technical communication, technical plan promotion, application system demonstration, product publicity materials writing, etc.
  3. Assist to complete the work of various departments of the company;
Job Requirements:
  1. Understand the campus information system, familiar with the Internet of Things, big data, cloud computing and related project design experience;
  2. Good ability to write technical documents, schemes and related documents;Able to independently complete the project making, configuration list and drawing design in time;
  3. Proficient in CAD, Office, Photoshop, Coreldraw and other tools and software, with practical operation and work experience is preferred;
  4. Construction engineer certificate, system integration project management engineer certificate is preferred。
Job responsibilities:
  1. Participate in the company's front-end framework, component design, development and coding;
  2. Achieve the animation effects and interactive effects required by the product, write front-end design documents and technical documents, etc
  3. Small program development, web front-end development, mobile web development。
Job Requirements:
  1. Bachelor degree or above, major in computer, software engineering, engaged in Web front-end development for more than 2 years, familiar with wechat mini program development is preferred, familiar with page structure and layout, have a certain sense of user experience;
  2. Proficient in front-end development technology (HTML, CSS, JS, Ajax, Json), proficient in ES6, ES7 and other new language features, proficient in Bootstrap, ElementUI, Jquery, Vue2.0 family bucket and other mainstream front-end development libraries or frameworks,
  3. Familiar with automatic construction tools of front-end engineering, proficient in using front-end construction tools such as grunt/gulp/webpack, familiar with HTTP protocol, familiar with the features of various web browsers, and able to solve the compatibility of various browsers;
  4. Other bonus points: It is preferred to be familiar with wechat mini program development and proficient in vue2.0 Family bucket (vue, vuex, VUe-router);Familiar with ElementUI 2.0 框架
Job responsibilities:
  1. Business platform architecture planning and design;
  2. Formulate technical development specifications and processes;Guide beginner and intermediate developers to develop business functions in accordance with development specifications;
  3. Responsible for the research of difficult problems and new technologies, as well as the code implementation of core functions;
  4. Function design, code encapsulation, provide functional interface for external use;
  5. Participate in bug correction and performance optimization of product projects。
Job Requirements:
  1. Bachelor degree or above in computer or related major, more than 3 years of Java development experience, 1 large-scale project experience;
  2. Proficient in Java language and open source frameworks such as Spring, Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, Dubbo, Spring MVC, Mybatis, etc., have developed or reconstructed the framework itself is preferred;
  3. Familiar with database design and performance optimization, familiar with Oracle, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, Memcache and other mainstream databases;
  4. Familiar with distributed, cluster architecture, cache, message queue and other mechanisms, familiar with JVM, including memory model, class loading mechanism and performance optimization, and have implementation experience in large systems;
  5. Experience in large distributed, high concurrency, high load, high availability system design and stability is preferred;
Job responsibilities:
  1. Master the operation of professional communication network, and put forward network optimization schemes and suggestions。
  2. According to the operation and maintenance requirements of the NMS, be responsible for the daily maintenance, version upgrade, device maintenance, capacity expansion, antivirus and other related work of the NMS to ensure the normal operation of the NMS and devices。
  3. According to the database maintenance requirements of the NMS, I am responsible for the regular backup and maintenance of the NMS database to ensure that the database runs normally。
  4. Participate in communication network planning, design and planning, engineering coordination and cooperation。
  5. Familiar with Ruijie and Huawei switching routing commands, handle wired and wireless network fault maintenance。
  6. Familiar with all versions of windows operating systems。
Job Requirements:
  1. Major requirements: Computer, communication, electronics and related majors preferred。
  2. Good health, good manners, with good quality cultivation。
  3. Strong executive ability, organization and coordination ability, learning and analysis ability, communication and coordination ability and good writing skills。
  4. This post requires Ya 'an locals or can accept permanent residence in Ya 'an
Job responsibilities:
  1. According to the test process and plan, design test scripts and test cases, execute test scripts and test cases, and find bugs;
  2. Cooperate with product owner to develop project test plan and test plan, organize the implementation of test plan and test plan, and provide necessary improvement suggestions;
  3. Record the test situation, review the requirements document, interface document, and timely feedback the test results;
  4. Timely report the problems in the test and submit the project progress report;
  5. Provide the basis for whether the product can be released, verify the product-related problems reported by users, and assist the support engineer to give reasonable answers or solutions to users;
Job Requirements:
  1. Bachelor degree or above in computer related major, testing work for more than 3 years;Master a major development language (java/php/.Net/python, JAVA is better), familiar with SQL language;
  2. Familiar with automated testing, can write automated test scripts, familiar with at least one scripting language;
  3. Familiar with testing process and specifications, Bug management tools, proficient in software testing methods and some commonly used testing tools (loadrunner, postman, ab, webbench, etc.);
  4. Familiar with common automated testing tools and Bug management tracking software, such as: Cicada,bugfree, etc.
  5. Familiar with system black box test, performance test, environment and reliability test, etc。